Rubber Duckies

In the field of cyber security, a rubber ducky is not the sort of yellow squeaky bathtime companion that we may have grown up with as kids.  A rubber ducky is a type of peripheral–hardware that connects to a computer–that can be disguised as anything.  A common physical form for a rubber ducky is a simple flash drive that plugs into the USB port of your computer.  It may look harmless, but hidden inside is the same sort of software that sits inside your keyboard–in fact, your device will interpret it as its own keyboard.  From there, the rubber ducky can type anything the same way you would with a keyboard–it can open command prompts and type in its own pre-determined scripts or even download malware from the internet.

To protect yourself against rubber duckies, it’s good to be very cautious about what you hook up to your devices.  Make sure that all your hardware is from a trustworthy source before you connect it to your devices.

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