Online Safety

Staying safe online is important! It is important to ensure your privacy on online accounts and know what to do if that privacy is breached. The CyberTech team has been working to create material for you to stay #CyberSafe. Below, you can access some slide shows that our team has been working on to help you stay safe online!

Check out our Blog Section to see blog posts our team has written to provide further insight into online safety and other interesting articles!

Handling Social Media

Chances are, you already have a social media account. Is it Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? How much information are you revealing about yourself? Read more on how to improve your social media pages!


What is cyberstalking, and how can you tell if you’re being cyberstalked? Who should be your point of contact? Read more on what to do in the event of being cyberstalked. 


What is keylogging? How can a keylogger get installed on your computer? Read more on what a keylogger is, and how you can prevent it!

GPS and Location Services

How do applications and services utilize your location? What are the benefits and risks of allowing applications to use your location? Read more to find out when you should have GPS and location services on!


What is cryptojacking and how does it happen? Read more to find out the signs and how to protect yourself from being cryptojacked!